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Music Movies Part 4: Jazz

Here are some of my favorite jazz movies and documentaries. If you're a fan of jazz, watch these. read more

Music Movies Part 7: Other

Part 7 of my suggested movies are a few great odds and ends. Some of these are about psychology. Some are inspiration. Others are just fun. read more

Music Movies Part 6: Fictional

Part 6 of my suggested movies for musicians is fictional movies. read more

Music Movies Part 5: Music Industry

Part 5 of my suggested movies. These are films about the music industry covering recordings, producers, music technology and more. read more

Music Movies Part 3: Bands

Part 3 of my recommended movies: great documentaries about great bands. read more

Music Movies Part 2: Bassists

The focus of part 2 is movies and documentaries about specific bass players. read more

Music Movies Part 1: Historical

Great historical music movies and documentaries. read more

Progress Report

Here's where I am with the big StudyBass update. read more

Update on "The Update"

A brief update on the coming redesign of StudyBass. read more

The Imaginary String Technique

This is a simple tip for learning to see note patterns you already know in more ways on the fretboard. read more

The Metronome as a Memory Aid

One of my most important pieces of advice on memorizing things in music is: use your metronome. read more

Music from the Inside Out

Something I stress with all of my students—especially beginners—is not to treat music mechanically. Making music isn't... read more

StudyBass Drops Ads and More

You may have noticed StudyBass has recently dropped... read more

StudyBass has Updated Its Privacy Policy

StudyBass has updated its Privacy Policy effective May 25th 2018... read more

New "StudyBass Says..." Section

There are a number of topics I want to write about which don't fit... read more