My StudyBass

by Andrew Pouska


I hope you are happy, healthy and making great progress with your musical journey.

I have redesigned the StudyBass Study Guide. (Test out the beta version.) Don't worry--nothing has changed that will get you lost in your progress.

What's different? All curricula, blocks, and lessons are now accessible on a single page. The new design solves a number of issues. For me, it allows me to splice in lessons anywhere in a curriculum without causing trouble for a StudyBasser's lesson tracking. This is a big deal to me as there is a lesson block I've been wanting to slip into SBFI for a long time.

For you, you will be able to see skipped or newly added lessons. You will be able to see more clearly where you are in the lessons. You can more easily see and manage your lesson history. And, most importantly, you will be able to engage in several curricula at the same time. While StudyBass Fundamentals One, Two and Three follow a specific order, what's coming next branches out in several directions. And, you will be able to engage in a few different topics at once depending on your needs and goals. This will understand why this is important as StudyBass moves forward.

I know I am slow with updates and go into quiet periods, but I'm always here working on something and answering your questions. I appreciate your patience. I am really looking forward to 2023.

Happy holidays! You will hear from me again very soon.

Andrew Pouska