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StudyBass Dedication

One person very influential in my life was my first real bass teacher, Dave Nichols. Although he's not the only teacher I've had, he's by far the most important. Had it not been for Dave, I wouldn't have taken playing bass and music so seriously. And, I wouldn't be teaching. My life would be entirely different now had I not met Dave.

The most valuable lesson I learned from Dave was the importance of a good teacher. Prior to studying with Dave, I felt very musically incompetent. I struggled to understand what teachers were trying to teach me, and I didn t know enough to know what questions to ask. Despite lots of lessons and money spent, the mysteries of music weren't unraveling like I expected. It wasn't until studying with Dave that I realized a lot of the trouble was with the teacher, not me. When the right things are explained the right way, the student will understand. And if the student practices, he or she will progress. Dave cared when he taught and he knew what to teach. If everyone taught as Dave did, the world would be full of more musicians.

I'm just one of the many people on whom Dave had an impact. I hear he used to jokingly call his bass students 'boneheads'. He'd say, "I've got some boneheads to teach today." Dave, as one of your boneheads, I would like to dedicate this site to you. I hope I can come close to continuing the tradition of good teaching to which you introduced me.

Thank you for everything, Dave.

In Memory of Dave Nichols
November 30, 1962 - August 24, 1996