My StudyBass

StudyBass Tools

Utilities and resources for bass players and musicians. I created these web apps to help you learn more about music and the bass.

Fretboard Diagrams
Generate fretboard diagrams for hundreds of scales and chords.
Bass Clef Notes

This tool tests your recognition of the notes on the bass clef.

Online Metronome

Use as a basic metronome or explore the advanced features like irregular beat patterns, timed alerts and more.

Music Dictionary

Learn to speak music! Explore my simple definitions of music terms, gear terms, slang and more.

Music Paper

Print out music paper. PDFs pre-formatted for different purposes: tab, walking bass, etc.

Audio Slow Down

It's important to practice slowly and accurately. Use this tool to slow down songs you are practicing.

Bass Tuning Notes

Get tuning reference notes for standard and non-standard bass tunings.