StudyBass Bass Tools

Free online apps for bass players!

Print fretboard charts, practice the notes of the bass clef, look up musical terms in the dictionary, practice to the interactive metronome, print staff paper and bass tab paper and tune your bass!

Fretboard Printer

Print the notes for common scales and chords for any stringed-instrument in any tuning.

Online Metronome

The StudyBass Online Metronome gives you a simple click track from 40 to 208 BPM. The programmable metronome allows you to automatically increase (or decrease) the tempo at specified intervals.

Bass Clef Tutor

An interactive quiz for the notes of the bass clef. Practice identifying the notes on the bass clef. Speed up your recognition of the notes on the staff and ledger lines.

Bass Tuning Notes

Tune your bass! You can't play if you're not in tune. Use the StudyBass Online Bass Tuner for tuning reference notes for almost any common 4-, 5- or 6-string bass tuning.

Music Dictionary

The StudyBass Dictionary is full of musical slang, bass gear definitions and music theory definitions. Learn to speak music!

Music Paper

Print and save PDFs of music paper for bass, guitar, piano and more.