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07 Jun 2024 - StudyBass News

Testing and the New StudyBass Quiz App

A little talk on testing, learning and the new StudyBass quiz app.

01 Jan 2024 - StudyBass News

The Accident

After a serious car accident, here is my chronicle of recovering from a broken hand.

02 Sep 2023 - StudyBass News

StudyBass 20th Anniversary!

I started StudyBass 20 years ago today!

25 Dec 2022 - StudyBass News

StudyBass Study Guide Update

Test out the new StudyBass Study Guide beta version!

31 Mar 2022 - StudyBass News

Introducing the StudyBass Dictionary

Music vocabulary is important. I am beginning a new project of short videos defining common music vocabulary and slang.

06 Apr 2021 - StudyBass News

April 2021 Update

What's new and what's next for StudyBass.

01 Dec 2020 - StudyBass News

The Big Update is Here!

I've been working on rebuilding the website from the ground up for over a year. The new StudyBass is finally here!

25 Nov 2019 - StudyBass News

Progress Report

Here's where I am with the big StudyBass update.

25 Apr 2019 - StudyBass News

Update on "The Update"

A brief update on the coming redesign of StudyBass.

30 May 2018 - StudyBass News

StudyBass Drops Ads and More

You may have noticed StudyBass has recently dropped...

24 May 2018 - StudyBass News

StudyBass has Updated Its Privacy Policy

StudyBass has updated its Privacy Policy effective May 25th 2018...

24 May 2018 - StudyBass News

New "StudyBass Says..." Section

There are a number of topics I want to write about which don't fit...