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Introducing the StudyBass Dictionary

by Andrew Pouska


Dictionary Playlist:

Video Transcript:

One of the more under-used parts of is the online music dictionary. It’s under the tools section where you can look up many of my simple definitions for common music terms, gear vocabulary and slang.

Learning the language of music is essential. You want to develop your music vocabulary for a number of reasons:

  • so you can communicate with other musicians

  • so you can make sense of learning material

  • so you can continue to learn more about music–you build new knowledge on top of past terms and concepts

  • And, so you can organize music in your mind which gives you faster and faster access to playing and creating music.

I understand not wanting to flip through a dictionary. How boring is that?!

So, to further your learning I am starting a new project of bringing the music dictionary to you a little bit at a time with short videos.

These music vocabulary posts will bring you many new music terms and serve as a review to reinforce things you’ve already learned.

Often the terms will be focused and have a theme, but I’ll throw some random ones in there too just for fun.

These definitions are meant to be short, simple and clear. The goal is to help newcomers develop their music vocabulary, not to overwhelm and intimidate them. A good teacher knows what details are essential and when to provide them.

For those of you who already know these musical terms, test yourself. When a term pops up, define it yourself and then check how it aligns with my definition. It’s excellent practice.

Keep learning, my friends…