My StudyBass

by Andrew Pouska

You may have noticed StudyBass has recently dropped a lot of the advertising across its website. Why?

You may find this refreshing, or you may think I'm crazy, but I just don't want to be a part of the non-stop data collection everyone is being subjected to. The internet didn't start out this way, and it didn't need to go this way. For some time now I've felt things have gotten out of hand. What's the "Golden Rule"? Treat others as you wish to be treated.

So, what have I done? A number of months ago I started dropping some "features" common to many websites. Like and share buttons--gone. Social media previews--gone. Analytics software--now private. And now, I've dropped "personalized" ads.

Can I afford to drop the ads? No, I really can't. But, I am here to teach, and you are here to learn. That's our little transaction here.

If I know of a product that will make you a better musician, I will happily recommend it to you. That makes sense. To me this other stuff doesn't.

I hope I can look forward to enough user support so I don't have to revert back to those ads that follow you everywhere.

Remember you can support StudyBass by:

Purchasing StudyPacks
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Monthly or annual subscription

Anything and everything helps and is appreciated.

Thank you, StudyBassers!

Andrew Pouska