My StudyBass

Recommended Bass and Musician Gear

I've hand-picked a lot of essential and great things for bassists and musicians. Shopping through these links benefits StudyBass and costs you nothing extra. I don't recommend anything that's not of great benefit to students, and I am not paid to promote any specific products. These suggestions are based on my own personal experience and that of hundreds of students over the years.

First, here are all of the transcription books I reference throughout the lessons on StudyBass. You'd be wise to pick up a few so you can learn some of the basslines which match the lessons.
There are some essential items you need to make the most of your learning. Here is what I ask all of my students to have in addition to a bass and an amp.
To get you started, I have a few models of basses I suggest. There are so many great basses to choose between. I try to keep it simple for you. As long as your bass is playable, it's mostly up to practice to sound good. Get a bass--any bass--and start practicing!
Next, it's essential you have an amp. Without one you can't hear the mistakes you might be committing. If you do that for too long, you will develop some terrible sounding habits. Get an amp so you can hear yourself.
Bass players don't need very many pedals and effects. A few are very useful, however. And, some others can be a lot of fun. These are my practical suggestions.
One day, you'll probably want to change your bass strings. Here are a few sets of strings to try.
This is the non-essential, but good idea category.
Playing bass is not all about wiggling your fingers. Here are some books to expand your musical mind and more.
You might want to compose music or record yourself playing the bass. Here area few software suggestions.
To record, you will want some additional hardware. What you can do on a budget now is amazing.