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Recommendations: Bass Guitars

Here are a few electric basses to consider at different prices. The focus here is on beginner and intermediate basses. You should play on the best bass you can.

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Ibanez Ijxb150b Jumpstart Bass Package Red Ibanez Ijxb150b Jumpstart Bass Package Red This bass starter package is a great place to start if you don't have a bass and amp yet. You get everything you need in one shot. Ibanez basses are easy-to-play, sound good, and are pretty consistent in quality. The small practice amp is suitable for learning. You can't play any gigs on this amp though.
G&L Tribute L2000 Electric Bass Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard G&L Tribute L2000 Electric Bass Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard This is a great second bass (or a more expensive first bass). I've recommended it to a number of my students and they've all been happy with it. What I like about it is with the electronics on this bass you can access such a wide variety of bass tones. You won't get that without spending several hundred more. You should know it is a bit on the heavy side compared to, for example, an Ibanez.
Ibanez GSR200 Bass Guitar

I always recommend Ibanez basses to beginners. They're easy to play. They're not too heavy. The quality is consistent. They sound good, and they're affordable. This bass has active electronics which gives it a more modern bass tone like you've heard more and more in recordings from the 80s until today. It's hard to go wrong with this as your starter bass.