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Music-related movies, documentaries and videos. Learn about music, musicians, music history and more through film.

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Music Movies Part 1: Historical

Great historical music movies and documentaries. read more

Music Movies Part 2: Bassists

The focus of part 2 is movies and documentaries about specific bass players. read more

Music Movies Part 3: Bands

Part 3 of my recommended movies: great documentaries about great bands. read more

Music Movies Part 5: Music Industry

Part 5 of my suggested movies. These are films about the music industry covering recordings, producers, music technology and more. read more

Music Movies Part 6: Fictional

Part 6 of my suggested movies for musicians is fictional movies. read more

Music Movies Part 7: Other

Part 7 of my suggested movies are a few great odds and ends. Some of these are about psychology. Some are inspiration. Others are just fun. read more

Music Movies Part 4: Jazz

Here are some of my favorite jazz movies and documentaries. If you're a fan of jazz, watch these. read more

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