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How to String a Bass Guitar - Step 8

Just a Few More

The rest of stringing a bass follows pretty much the same procedure. The only differences will be:

Skinnier strings can be cut longer since they can wrap around the post more times.

Keep strings straight

To string a bass correctly, this is extremely important: The side of the post to which you wind the string may be different. The bass string must run in a straight line from bridge to post.

Make sure to run the strings under any string trees under which they belong. Make sure you run the strings straight under the string trees, too. No angles! 

Important if you have a straight-style headstock!
Be sure to get enough wraps around each post that doesn't have a string tree for it. This is something I've seen as a problem on Fender models. Without enough wraps to pull the string close to the headstock, the open A-string (and sometimes E-string) may sound dead or muffled because there is not enough string pressure against the nut.