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How to String a Bass Guitar - Step 2

Tools and Supplies for Changing Your Bass Strings

Several things are needed to help replace your bass strings.

New strings, winder, cutter, pencil, tuner

New Bass Strings – obviously you’ll be replacing the old bass strings with something.

Bass Guitar String Winder – this is not necessary, but highly recommended! Basically it is a little crank used to turn the tuning key more quickly. It is a great timesaver. Make sure you get one for bass tuning keys, not guitar. The bass winders fit over the larger tuning keys of the bass more easily. Any music store will have these.

Wire Cutters – You will need to cut the new bass strings. Don’t use the best cutters you have. Bass strings chew through them quite easily. Actually, I recommend getting the combination bass string winder/clipper if you can find it (shown above). It’s very handy.

Soft Cloth – a cloth to use for cleaning. Don’t use your mom’s favorite pillow case!

Mechanical Pencil – (optional) a pencil with a very thin graphite “lead”. All pencils use graphite now, with lead being poisonous and all.

Electronic Bass Tuner – (optional) this will help you tune up your new strings to the correct pitch.