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How to String a Bass Guitar - Step 6

First Strings First

String through the bass bridge

When I string a bass I like to replace the bass strings from lowest to highest. The order in which you replace your bass strings doesn't really matter. Just keep track of which string is which.

Put the E-string (or whatever your lowest string is) through the appropriate bridge hole or slot the same way the old one was.

Keep tension on the string as you put it on so it doesn’t slip out of the slot and stays in the groove of the saddle. Just be careful to not weaken the string by bending it at too sharp of an angle anywhere.

Excess bass string

The string is longer than it needs to be and so needs to be cut. The worst thing you can do is cut the string too short! If you do, you’re heading back to the music store to get another string. Always err on the side of cutting it too long. If you have wide diameter tuning posts as on Fender models, you’ll be able to wrap more string around them. Skinnier posts don’t allow for as much string to be wrapped around them.

Cut off excess string

Cut the string a couple of inches past the post to which the string will be wrapped. Leave a little more for wider posts and less for skinny posts. If you are worried you will cut it too short, match it to the length to your old string. That way you will be sure of the length.