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How to String a Bass Guitar - Step 7

Getting Wound Up

In this step of how to string a bass guitar, you will wind the strings on the post.

Place string in string hole

Place the cut end of the bass string all the way straight down into the hole in the center of the tuning post.

Bend string

Bend the string at a right angle.

Wind up the string

Begin winding the bass string on to the post.

Keep tension on the string with one hand as you wind the string so you get tight wraps around the post and the string doesn’t slip out of the bridge.

Make sure you are winding it on the correct side of the post! It shouldn’t angle off the nut. Did I mention this already?

Wrap under

Each successive wrap should go under the previous one, that is, closer to the headstock. Downward wraps pull the strings more tightly over the nut. This is important because the string/nut contact point is where some of your tone comes from.

Wind the string tight enough to keep it in place on the bridge and nut, but don’t waste your time tuning it up yet. As you add more strings you will increase the tension placed on the neck which will change the pitch of the strings. Wait to tune after all your strings are in place.


Tip: Turn all the keys perpendicular to the headstock to keep them out of the way as you wind each string on to your bass.