My StudyBass

StudyBass Fundamentals One

Welcome new StudyBasser! In this first curriculum my intention is to put you on the right track to be not a bass player, but a bass-playing musician. The way you think about music and learning music has a big effect on how fast and well it goes for you. This curriculum gets you thinking right. The lessons start with a fair amount of important reading. Then we start playing!

In this StudyBass curriculum you will learn:

  • A broad overview of music
  • The role of the bass
  • Essential beginning music theory
  • Basic bass technique
  • Reading music notation, bass tab and StudyBass AlphaTab
  • Tips on practicing
  • Simple bass note patterns used in most basslines
  • Essential basic rhythm skills
  • Beginning intervals

Lesson Blocks:

An important group of lessons introducing you to music and the bass guitar.
[8 lessons]
Building a foundation of strong technical habits and coordination.
[9 lessons]
An introduction to music notation. Reading music will help you study the lessons here and elsewhere.
[11 lessons]
Tips and advice on how to practice. Doing it right makes a big difference.
[10 lessons]
Simple note patterns bass players often use.
[8 lessons]
Rhythm is a key ingredient to playing bass. Learning to play a steady pulse is critical.
[4 lessons]
Intervals are the building blocks of all scales and chord patterns.
[2 lessons]
Other rhythms you'll play are divisions of the basic pulse.
[5 lessons]