Block: How To Practice

How To Practice

Bass Lesson Block

Something that can make or break your progress is knowing how to practice. This is a group of articles I wrote to give you an understanding of what practicing is and how you should go about it. Learning to play an instrument is a lot of work. Many people make it even harder on themselves with a poor approach to practicing.

What Does It Take?

I want to start this block with one of the most common questions I get from students: "What does it take?"

What Practicing Is

Before you can practice, you must have a concept of what practicing is.

Why Practice?

Why would you ever do such a thing?

How Much to Practice

Thoughts on the right amount of time to practice.

When to Practice

Making time and choosing the best times to practice.

Where to Practice

Some thoughts on setting up a good practice environment.

Practice Without Your Bass

You can learn a lot without even touching your bass guitar.

Bass Playing Ruts

Ideas for when your bass playing feels stuck or stale.


A little motivation for your bass practice routine.

Block: How To Practice