Block: Common Bass Patterns

Common Bass Patterns

Bass Lesson Block

If you plan to play music with others, you need to know what notes to play. The idea of this lesson block is to give you a beginning understanding of what notes bass players choose and why. These are all simple-to-play note patterns and apply in a lot of musical situations. You may discover these patterns make up the bulk of most basslines. Once you know these patterns you're ready to start playing with others!

About Common Bass Patterns

Learning and thinking about note patterns on the bass fretboard.

Roots to Chords

Understand and apply root notes on the bass...


Learn about the octave, how it applies to bass playing, and some practice examples.

Roots and Fifths

Lesson on one of the most common bass patterns: roots and fifths. Lesson, exercises, audio, and more...

Root, Fifth, and Flat Seventh

Learn about the flat 7th and its application in bass playing...

Root, Fifth, and Sixth

Learn about adding the sixth to the root and fifth bass pattern.

Chromatic Approach Notes

Using approach notes and passing tones in basslines.

Common Patterns Summary

Section review and about combining the note patterns.

Block: Common Bass Patterns