Block: Reading Music Part One

Reading Music Part One

Bass Lesson Block

When studying music it helps a lot to understand how it is written. In this lesson block I introduce you to the basics of music reading and common musical notation for the bass. Without this basic foundation, you will struggle with the lessons found here and elsewhere.

About Reading Music

A brief introduction to this bass lesson section.

Notation vs Tab

Should you learn to read music? Looking at the pros and cons.

Reading Standard Notation

A quick introduction to reading standard music notation for bass.

Pitch Notation

How musical pitches are notated in written music.

Bass Clef Fretboard Notes

Printable bass clef notes showing each bass note's fretboard position.

Key Signatures

What key signatures are and how they are notated in music.

Rhythmic Notation

A basic overview of reading rhythm notation with audio examples.

Time Signatures

What time signatures mean and how they work.

How to Practice Reading Music

Tips on practicing sightreading for bass.

How to Read Bass Tab

Understand how bass tab notation works.

Alpha Tab

An explanation of my own version of bass tab found on this site.

Block: Reading Music Part One