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StudyBass Fundamentals Three

With StudyBass Fundamentals One and StudyBass Fundamentals Two under your belt, you already know more than a lot of musicians! Knowing, however, is not doing. Hopefully you're out there playing with some real, live musicians. If not, get out there! Believe me you will learn twice as fast.

In StudyBass Fundamentals Three we'll take care of some technique problems you're likely experiencing at this point as well as learn some classic exercises that will improve your ear and coordination at the same time.

Then we dive in deep into major and minor scale harmony. These will be some of the most important lessons you ever learn.

We discuss some common bass techniques beyond plucking and fretting.

I'm still adding to this curriculum. Stay tuned for more lessons and exercises...

In this StudyBass curriculum you will learn:

  • Muting open strings
  • Controlling your disobedient fingers
  • Several great musical finger exercises
  • Major and minor scale harmony.
  • Bass articulations like hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Harmony outside of the key
  • Still more lesson blocks on the way...

Lesson Blocks:

Taking care of some technique issues, and improving your facility on the bass.
[3 lessons]
A look at a major key's seven basic chords.
[10 lessons]
Understanding how notes function in a bassline. Using chord tones, scale tones, and chromatic tones.
[12 lessons]
An articulation is how you say something. In this block we'll explore common bass techniques which add nuance and variation to basic techniques.
[6 lessons]
Learn the chords found in minor keys and scales.
[14 lessons]
An introduction to other chords often mixed in among basic major and minor diatonic chords.
[11 lessons]
There are many meters other than 4/4. This lesson block goes deeper into music's many other meters and time signatures.
[4 lessons]