Block: Diatonic Chords Of The Major Scale

Diatonic Chords Of The Major Scale

Bass Lesson Block

In every major key there are 7 basic chords around which most songs revolve. Your understanding of harmony theory will always be linked to these 7 basic chords. Since bass is a harmony instrument, the better you know these essential chords, the better you will play bass.

What Are Major Scale Diatonic Chords?

The diatonic chords of the major scale are one of the most important parts of understanding harmony. In this lesson we'll discuss what they are, why and how we use them.

Major Diatonic Chords I, ii, iii, and IV

Playing the first four diatonic chords of the major scale on bass.

Major Diatonic Chords V, vi, and vii

In this bass lesson we learn the V, vi, and vii chords in a major key.

Applying Major Diatonic Chords in Basslines

How diatonic chords are applied in basslines. Exercises and examples in several styles.

The I-V-vi-IV Chord Progression

Creating basslines applying diatonic chord shapes to one of music's most popular chord progressions.

Diatonic Chords in Fourths

Chord progressions often move in fourths. It's a good idea to play, recognize, and understand this sequence of chords.

The I-vi-ii-V Chord Progression

This is one of music's most common cyclical chord progressions. It is found in most styles, and it's a cornerstone in jazz.

The I-vi-IV-V Chord Progression

This is a common variation on the I-vi-ii-V progression using what is called a substitution chord.

Diatonic Chord Position with an A-String Root

The diatonic chords in the next most useful major scale position. Learning this next position will give you access to the diatonic chords in a low range for all 12 keys.

Analyzing Diatonic Chord Progressions

In this final lesson of this diatonic chord lesson block, I give you advice on practicing the analysis of chord progressions. Since harmony is a big resposibility for bassists, understanding and recognizing chord progressions needs to be a way of life.

Block: Diatonic Chords Of The Major Scale