Block: Extending Diatonic

Extending Diatonic

Bass Lesson Block

Music is not always purely diatonic. This block introduces you to common chords often mixed in among diatonic chords

Extending the Diatonic Chord System

When analyzing music you'll find songs are often not purely diatonic. Where do these other chords come from?

Secondary Dominant Chords

Secondary, or applied, dominants are a special use of a dominant 7th chord leading to chords other than the tonic.

Relative Major / Minor Key Change

Changing between related major and minor keys is a very common key change.

Parallel Major and Minor Scales

Another common scale and key relationship to know are parallel major and minor scales. These are keys which run side-by-side.

Borrowed Chords

Not all chord progressions are strictly diatonic. A common source of chords from outside of the key are chords borrowed from the parallel key.

Block: Extending Diatonic