Block: Minor Scales And Chord Patterns

Minor Scales And Chord Patterns

Bass Lesson Block

In this lesson block I explain the difference between major and minor, followed by some of the most common minor-type scale and chord patterns you will encounter.

The Difference between Major and Minor

How major and minor scales and chords differ.

One-Octave Natural Minor Scale

Understanding music's main minor scale including fingering and examples.

One-Octave Minor Triad

The second most common and important chord you will use in music.

One-Octave Minor 7th

The most common minor-type seventh chord found in all styles.

One-Octave Minor Pentatonic Scale

An easy-to-play and common scale used heavily in rock, blues, funk and jazz.

One-Octave Minor Blues Scale

A frequently used scale common in the blues, rock, jazz and elsewhere.

Block: Minor Scales And Chord Patterns