Block: Introduction To Keys And Harmony

Introduction To Keys And Harmony

Bass Lesson Block

One essential role of the bass is to define the harmony of the music. You need to have a strong understanding of what harmony is and what keys are. In this lesson block I explain these important concepts and how they apply to the bass player.

About Musical Harmony

What it is and what to expect in the harmony lessons.

Keys in Music

Understanding the concept of key and tonality in music.

The Circle of Fifths Diagram

The first lesson on this important music theory tool.

Major Keys on the Circle of Fifths

Using the circle of 5ths to memorize the notes of each major scale.

The Order of Sharps and Flats

The order in which sharps and flats occur in keys.

Relative Major and Minor Scales

An essential musical relationship between major and minor scales you need to understand and memorize.

Block: Introduction To Keys And Harmony