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The 3 Main Elements of Music

Understanding the basic building blocks of music is important for organizing the way you understand music, and it keeps you focused on practicing the right things.

Can you name and describe the 3 main elements of music?

If not, you should re-read the elements of music. Thinking of the world of music this way will speed the learning process, and help you, as a bass player, understand your place within it.

The Role of the Bass

What is the purpose of playing bass? Traditionally, the bass lays the foundation for 2 of the 3 main elements of music. Can you identify them and explain how?

If not, review the role of the bass lesson.

The Musical Alphabet

You should remember the musical alphabet by heart. You need to be able to recite it without hesitation. Know it with the sharps, and know it with the flats. Know it ascending and descending.

This is all very critical stuff.