My StudyBass

The First StudyBass Review Block

Before progressing further in my curriculum, you will need to make sure some of the things we've covered are firmly in place. In this lesson block I will stress the most important topics we've discussed, and I'll give you some great review exercises.

But, I Haven't Mastered It All Yet!

You will, no doubt, feel like you haven't completely mastered everything thus far. That is entirely normal. You shouldn't worry too much about total mastery at this stage as long as you are practicing the right things daily. Mastery takes time and patience.

A large part of my teaching method is based on how and when I introduce concepts to you. What you'll see is I keep coming back to the same topics from different angles and with finer details. So, don't feel like you are falling behind. It's built into the design.

I have a saying: “Music never lets you off the hook.” By that I mean, anything critical for your success will keep coming back until you've mastered it. You won't get away with skipping anything that is important. There's no fooling music.

The Goal

Based on my experience with my students and my curriculum, I have a pretty good sense of where you are. My biggest goal for you at this stage is that you have a better understanding of what learning music and the bass is all about.

So far I've shown you a lot of little bits and pieces of a lot of stuff: Rhythm, chords, scales, reading, technique, harmony, etc. These are the nuts and bolts of being a musician and being a bassist. Everything we've discussed so far is important to varying degrees. The lessons in this lesson block are meant to emphasize the big points not to be missed before moving forward.

Our next phase will slowly take all of these elements and show you how they all relate to one another. We've barely begun!