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Perfect Fifth Interval

A perfect fifth interval is equal to 7 half-steps.

A perfect 5th is abbreviated P5.

A perfect fifth above C is G.

Minor Sixth Interval

A minor sixth interval is equal to 8 half-steps.

A minor 6th is abbreviated m6.

A minor sixth above C is Ab.

Major Sixth Interval

A major sixth interval is equal to 9 half-steps.

A major 6th is abbreviated M6.

A major sixth above C is A.

Minor Seventh Interval

A minor seventh interval is equal to 10 half-steps.

A minor 7th is abbreviated m7.

A minor seventh above C is Bb.

Major Seventh Interval

A major seventh interval is equal to 11 half-steps.

A major 7th is abbreviated M7.

A major seventh above C is B.

Perfect Octave Interval

A perfect octave interval is equal to 12 half-steps.

A perfect octave is abbreviated P8.

A perfect octave above C is C.

There are names for intervals spanning beyond an octave. Those will be covered in a later musical intervals lesson.