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Method #1: Reading Music to Memorize Note Names

One way of learning the note names on the fretboard is by reading music. While reading, you are associating a note name symbol on paper to a note on the fretboard. This is probably the most common way people have learned their note names.

I highly recommend reading music as part of your approach to learning the note names. Not only will you learn your note names, you will also be playing music, working on technique, rhythm, whatever style you are reading, etc.

Reading Alone Can Result in Grey Areas

Reading works well for learning the note names in the lower range of the bass. But, reading alone will leave you with some grey areas in particular parts of the fretboard—especially higher up. If you read commonly found sheet music, it is unlikely you will consistently cover every fret and string of your bass. I'm going to share my own note name memorization method I developed for students in the next lesson. It will clear up all of your grey areas.