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The Major Triad

If you haven't learned the basic major triad pattern yet, go do that first!

The major triad is the simplest and most common chord in music. You should remember it consists of three notes — a root, third and fifth.

In this short lesson you're going to only use the notes of the major triad.

Applying the Major Triad to the Blues Progression

The simplest, most supportive basslines always outline the notes of each chord of a song’s chord progression.

In the basic blues progression (the blues form) we use three chords called the I, IV, and V chords. In this simple lesson all you will do is outline the notes of each major triad.

Listen to and play the blues with major triads exercise. This is a very simple and familiar sounding bassline found in all sorts of styles.

Practice in All Keys

You want to be able to play this blues bassline and variations of it in any key and anywhere on the fretboard.

Could you play this line in the key of G? Or, the key of Bb? Find the I, IV, and V chord in whatever key you’re practicing, turn on your metronome and play!