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Bass Guitar Cases

When you buy a bass it will most often come with a case of some sort. A case is important to protect your bass from the elements and for transportation. There are two types of bass guitar cases: hardshell cases and softshell cases (gig bags).

Hardshell Bass Cases

A hardshell case is good if you plan to move your bass around a lot or plan to fly with it. Hardshell cases are made out of a sturdy plastic with soft, plush lining. Hardshell cases can withstand a lot of abuse and will protect your bass very well. Hardshell cases are big and heavy to carry around. That might make getting it into a small car difficult or just a pain to carry around.

Hardshell cases can be generic and able to hold any size or shape bass guitar, or they can be molded. A molded case fits the form of your bass and won’t allow your bass to shift around as much. You will only be able to use that molded case with the same shape bass.

Softshell Bass Cases (Gig Bags)

Softshell cases, often called gig bags, are usually made of water proof fabric. This will protect your bass from water and scratches. But, it won’t protect it well if you drop it or put weight on it. There are gig bags with varying degrees of protection and padding. They are light to carry around and not too bulky. With bass guitar cases you are trading off the amount of protection you have for comfort and convenience.

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