Block: Major Scales And Chord Patterns

Major Scales And Chord Patterns

Bass Lesson Block

In this lesson block I first explain the major scale which is the mother of many other note patterns. The major scale serves as a reference point for all other patterns. Even though chord tones are a bassist's biggest concern, the numbers used to identify chord tones relate to the numbers of the major scale. After the major scale I'll show you common major-type chord patterns and some complementary major-type scale patterns.

One-Octave Major Scale

The most common and basic scale used in music.

One-Octave Major Triad

Understanding and applying the most common chord in music.

One-Octave Major 7th

another common major-type chord and its application.

One-Octave Dominant 7th

The most common 7th chord you will encounter in all styles.

One-Octave Mixolydian Mode

Another very common musical scale.

One-Octave Major Pentatonic Scale

Another very common scale used in music.

Block: Major Scales And Chord Patterns