One-Octave Major Triad Bass Exercises

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Major Triads on the E-string

You can practice the major triads up and down each fret of the E-string. In the example I go from G to C and back down. This is always a good way to practice patterns.

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Major Triads on the A-string

This is the same exercise as on the E-string, but now on the A-string. The example goes from C to F and back down.

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Simple Major Triad Usage

This is a simple and common application of major triads. Notice no actual chords are being played. The sound of each chord is implied simply by the bassline and the notes of the melody.

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Another Simple Example

Once again this bassline outlines each major triad. Notice major triads have that bright, happy sound. Major triads do not always have to sound hokey like this.

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Triads Can Rock Too!

You can apply the major triad in any style. It boils down to the common rhythms of each style to make it fit.

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Mixing Up Triad Patterns

You can change the order of the notes any way you like. On the F chord I started on the higher root note. Notice the triad pattern can include open strings. Adjust your fingering using your 1st finger on fret 1 and 3rd finger on fret 3.