One-Octave Major Pentatonic Scale Bass Exercises

My Practice

Major Pentatonic on G, C, and D7

This is a common sounding bassline. Really we are just outlining the major triad and adding the 6th for melodic effect. You might think of it as applying the major pentatonic scale.

My Practice

Major Pentatonic on C and G7

This one looks scarier than it is. This line uses a C pentatonic and G pentatonic on a C triad and a G7 chord. Try to create your own ideas with this scale.

My Practice

Another G Major Pentatonic Line

You can order the notes of the scale any way you want. This line hops around the G pentatonic. Notice the bright, cheerful sound of this scale.

My Practice

Using the Pentatonic for Fills

In this rock line I am using typical roots, 5ths, octaves, and chromatic passing notes for most of it. In the 2nd bar I use the A major pentatonic scale to create a fill and lead me to the C chord.

My Practice

Funky F Major Pentatonic

This line uses the same pattern, but now with open strings. Adjust your fingering. This line is tricky to play cleanly because you have to mute the open strings. Try it on Bb on the next string, too.