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Left-Handed Bass Guitars

I’m Left-Handed. Should I Get a Left-Handed Bass?

Getting a left-handed bass is totally up to you, but it is not necessary just because you are left-handed. Many southpaws play right-handed basses with no problems at all. When you play bass both hands have to do work.

Consider the following: If you start playing left-handed basses, there will always be fewer bass guitars from which to choose. On top of that it is always an extra $100 or more option on most basses whenever you want to buy a bass.

Generally, I recommend to new students who are left-handed not to buy left-handed basses. I can’t see any real advantage to them. No one makes a left-handed piano. If anything, by playing a right-handed bass when you are left-handed you may develop your own unique sound compared to right-handed players. The choice is yours, but don’t feel you have to buy a left-handed bass guitar just because they make them. You'll be fine either way.

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