StudyBass Bass Lesson Index

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StudyBass Fundamentals One

From the Top

The Elements of Music Quiz
The Role of the Bass
About Music Theory
Mistakes Beginners Make
Protect Your Hearing
Bass Guitar Resources
The Musical Alphabet Quiz
How to Tune Your Bass

Basic Bass Technique

About Bass Technique
Up and Down
Holding the Bass
Plucking Exercises
Fretting Exercises
Breaking Bad Habits
Legato and Staccato Exercises
Pick vs Fingers
String-Crossing Exercises

Reading Music Part One

About Reading Music
Notation vs Tab
Reading Standard Notation
Pitch Notation
Bass Clef Fretboard Notes
Key Signatures
Rhythmic Notation Exercises
Time Signatures
How to Practice Reading Music
How to Read Bass Tab
Alpha Tab

How to Practice

What Does It Take?
What Practicing Is
Why Practice?
How Much to Practice
When to Practice
Where to Practice
Practice Without Your Bass
Bass Playing Ruts

Common Bass Patterns

About Common Bass Patterns
Roots to Chords Exercises Songs
Octaves Exercises Songs
Roots and Fifths Exercises Songs
Root, Fifth, and Flat Seventh Exercises Songs
Root, Fifth, and Sixth Exercises Songs
Chromatic Approach Notes Exercises Songs
Common Patterns Summary Exercises

The Rhythmic Pulse

About Rhythm
Keeping the Beat Exercises
Playing a Steady Pulse Exercises

Intervals Part One

About Intervals
Basic Intervals

Rhythmic Subdivisions

Subdividing the Beat Exercises
How to Count Rhythms
The Eighth Note Subdivision Exercises
The Eighth Note Triplet Subdivision Exercises
Shuffle and Swing Rhythms Exercises

StudyBass Fundamentals Two

Introduction to Scales

About Scales
Ways to Know Scales
How to Practice Scales
One Octave Scales
One-Octave Chromatic Scale Exercises

Introduction to Chord Patterns

About Bass Chord Patterns
Chord Tones Are Primary

Major Scales and Chord Patterns

One-Octave Major Scale Exercises
One-Octave Major Triad Exercises Songs
One-Octave Major 7th Exercises
One-Octave Dominant 7th Exercises Songs
One-Octave Mixolydian Mode Exercises
One-Octave Major Pentatonic Scale Exercises Songs

Minor Scales and Chord Patterns

The Difference between Major and Minor
One-Octave Natural Minor Scale Exercises Songs
One-Octave Minor Triad Exercises Songs
One-Octave Minor 7th Exercises
One-Octave Minor Pentatonic Scale Exercises Songs
One-Octave Minor Blues Scale Exercises Songs

Reading Music Part Two

Tied Notes
Repeats and Endings
Reading Chord Symbols
Slash Chords Songs

Introduction to Keys and Harmony

About Musical Harmony
Keys in Music Exercises Quiz
The Circle of Fifths Diagram
Major Keys on the Circle of Fifths Quiz
The Order of Sharps and Flats Quiz
Relative Major and Minor Scales Quiz

Beginning Diatonic Harmony

Intro to Diatonic Harmony
Intro to Diatonic Chords
The I, IV, and V Chords Exercises Songs Quiz

Introduction to the Blues

About the Blues
The Importance of the Blues
The 12-Bar Blues Form Exercises

Applying Patterns to the Blues

Applying Roots to the Blues Exercises
Applying Roots and 5ths to the Blues Exercises
Applying Root, 5th, Flat 7th and 8 to the Blues Exercises
Blues with Major Triads Exercises
Dominant 7ths on the Blues Exercises
Major 6ths on the Blues Exercises

Boogie Woogie

Blues Form Variation 1
The Boogie-Woogie Blues Pattern Exercises
Blues Form Variation 2
Boogie-Woogie on Variation 2 Exercises

Diminished Chord Patterns

One-Octave Diminished Triad Exercises Songs
One-Octave Minor 7th Flat 5 Exercises Songs
One-Octave Diminished 7th Exercises Songs

Memorizing the Bass Fretboard Notes

Memorizing Fretboard Note Names
Reading Music to Memorize Notes
StudyBass Note Name Memorization Method Exercises
Memorizing Notes Without Your Bass

StudyBass Fundamentals Three

Slops or Chops

Open-String Muting Exercises
The Flying Fingers Problem Exercises
Beginning Melodic Sequences Exercises

Diatonic Chords of the Major Scale

What Are Major Scale Diatonic Chords?
Major Diatonic Chords I, ii, iii, and IV Exercises
Major Diatonic Chords V, vi, and vii Exercises
Applying Major Diatonic Chords in Basslines Exercises
The I-V-vi-IV Chord Progression Exercises Songs
Diatonic Chords in Fourths Exercises Songs
The I-vi-ii-V Chord Progression Exercises Songs
The I-vi-IV-V Chord Progression Exercises Songs
Diatonic Chord Position with an A-String Root Exercises
Analyzing Diatonic Chord Progressions

The StudyBass Note Choice Pyramid

Intro to the Note Choice Pyramid
Rhythmic Weight
Chord Tones in Basslines Exercises Songs
The Fifth Approach Exercises Songs
Scale Tones in Basslines Exercises Songs
Chromatic Tones in Basslines Exercises Songs
Note Choice Heat Maps
Heat Map: James Jamerson Songs
Heat Map: Paul McCartney Songs
Basslines vs. Melodies

Bass Articulations Part 1

Hammer-Ons Exercises Songs
Pull-Offs Exercises Songs
Combining Hammer-Ons and Pull-offs Exercises Songs
Slides Part 1 Exercises Songs
Slides Part 2 Exercises Songs
Grace Notes Exercises Songs

Diatonic Chords of the Minor Scale

Intro to Minor Scale Diatonic Chords
What Determines If a Song Is in a Major Key or Minor Key? Songs
Minor Scale Diatonic Chord Qualities Quiz
Minor Diatonic Chord Shapes Part 1 Exercises
Minor Diatonic Chord Shapes Part 2 Exercises
V Chords in Minor Keys Exercises Songs
The Harmonic Minor Scale Exercises
The Melodic Minor Scale Exercises
A-String Minor Diatonic Chord Shapes Part 1 Exercises
A-String Minor Diatonic Chord Shapes Part 2 Exercises
Minor Progression: i - iv Exercises Songs
Minor Progression: i - V - i Exercises Songs
Minor Progression: ii - V - i Exercises Songs
Minor Progression: The Andalusian Cadence Exercises Songs

Extending Diatonic

Extending the Diatonic Chord System
Secondary Dominant Chords Exercises Songs Quiz
Relative Major / Minor Key Change Exercises Songs
Parallel Major and Minor Scales Songs
Borrowed Chords Quiz

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