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Please realize one person does absolutely everything on the website. The more you can troubleshoot on your own, the more time I will have to improve the site and add more content instead of answering email.

Also, I know I can infinitely tweak things for a perfect website, but my main goal is to teach not move things 5 pixels to the right. If a problem hampers your use of the site or learning, I want to know about it.

Current Issue in Progress

Chrome: M is Undefined Error

This issue is now fixed. Please report if you are still getting this error after clearing your cache.

Gmail Users

Automated emails often go to a strange tab like Promotions. Check all tabs as well as your Spam folder for missing StudyBass emails.

Quick Fixes


Refreshing the page fixes almost every issue people report. Clearing your cache or a hard refresh [SHIFT+F5] can help. I frequently push updates and you may have some stale files in your cache.


Still have a problem after refreshing? Check in a different browser. I test Firefox and Chrome regularly and recommend them. Firefox respects your privacy more, but Chrome runs more smoothly. Safari and MS Edge seem to have more issues.


If the problem occurs on several browsers, it could be related to your device. For example, users on some iPads running a particular OS version saw audio issues resolved after updating their OS.

Check for Known Issues

If none of this helps, see below if I already know of a problem on the site. I'm working on all of this. Priority goes to issues affecting the most users.

Mac/Safari/iPad Users

If you are experiencing any trouble with the site, check that you have installed the latest software updates to your device. This has fixed issues for almost every iOS user.

Lesson Text Pages

No major issues. See below for any lesson history issues.

Exercise Pages

No major issues.

Song Pages

No major issues.

Quiz Pages

No major issues.

My Practice

- Some practice items and sessions not showing. Load more button not working correctly.

- Some user settings (like hide tab) not responding.

- Metronome triggered by fretboard play button in exercise view. Try using the step forward and backward buttons instead of play for now.

Jam Tracks

No major issues.

Fretboard Printer

- Can't see more than 6 strings and 16 frets. This is due to a scaling issue.

Other Occasional Problems

Blank Page

If a page comes up blank, try refreshing.

Lesson History Not Found

This is likely due to a network error. Try refreshing the page.

Problem Not Listed?

If you didn't see your problem listed above and it gets in the way of learning, please report it as a bug. Be as specific as possible. Tell me what page, what preceded the problem, which device, which OS, and which browser saw the problem.


Andrew Pouska