Block: From The Top

From The Top

Bass Lesson Block

The goal of this first lesson block is to give you a broad look at music and the bass guitar. With my students I've found thinking about music and the bass in this way really helps accelerate their learning. There aren't many exercises to play or quizzes to take -- just a bunch of important reading. Do not skip this lesson block!

The Elements of Music

Crash course on the basic building blocks of music.

The Role of the Bass

The traditional function and purpose of the bass guitar.

About Music Theory

What it is and why people study it.

Mistakes Beginners Make

Where beginners often go wrong in their approach to learning bass.

Protect Your Hearing

Serious stuff you need to know about musicians and hearing loss.

Bass Guitar Resources

Important guides to tuning, setup, the parts of the bass, amps and more.

The Musical Alphabet

Understanding how music notes are named and how they relate to the bass.

How to Tune Your Bass

Learning how to tune your bass is a critical skill for every bass player. Learn what tuning is all about, tuning by ear, and how to use an electronic tuner.

Block: From The Top