Fretting Bass Exercises

My Practice

1-2-3-4 Finger Exercise

Practice your fretting technique playing one finger per fret on frets 5-6-7-8 up and down each string. Try shifting this exercise to other frets. Use your metronome and slowly increase the tempo.

My Practice

1-3-2-4 Finger Exercise

To build coordination with your fingers you can practice any combination inside the four-fret range. I prefer more musical exercises, but when you are just beginning these are very helpful.

My Practice

2-1-3-4 Finger Exercise

Here is yet another permutation. This time starting on your second finger. Be creative and make your own variations. Practice on the higher frets to avoid straining your fingers in the beginning.

My Practice

3rd and 4th Finger Exercise

Gaining independence between the 3rd and 4th fingers is difficult. These two fingers share the same tendon. With practice, you will get better. This exercise is also twice as fast. Try it on all strings.