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StudyBass Bass Lessons:
the musical alphabetbass quiz
about music theory
up and down
what practicing is
why practice
how much to practice
when to practice
where to practice
bass playing ruts
practice without your bass
the role of the bass
about bass technique
breaking bad habits
holding the bass
pluckingbass exercises
frettingbass exercises
bass clef fretboard notes
the elements of music
about common bass patterns
roots to chordsbass exercisesbass songs
octavesbass exercisesbass songs
roots and fifthsbass exercisesbass songs
root fifth flat seventhbass exercisesbass songs
root fifth sixthbass exercisesbass songs
chromatic approach notesbass exercises
common patterns summarybass exercises
about reading music
notation vs tab
reading standard notation
pitch notation
rhythmic notationbass exercises
time signatures
how to read bass tab
alpha tab
mistakes beginners make
key signatures
how to practice reading music
about rhythm
about scales
ways to know scales
about intervals
basic intervals
how to practice scales
one octave scales
one octave chromatic scalebass exercises
keeping the beatbass exercises
one octave major scalebass exercises
about bass chord patterns
chord tones are primary
one octave major triadbass exercises
one octave major 7thbass exercises
one octave dominant 7thbass exercises
one octave major pentatonic scalebass exercises
string crossingbass exercises
one octave mixolydian modebass exercises
about musical harmony
keys in musicbass exercisesbass quiz
the circle of fifths diagram
major keys on the circle of fifthsbass quiz
the order of sharps and flatsbass quiz
intro to diatonic harmony
intro to diatonic chords
the I IV and V chordsbass exercisesbass quizbass songs
pick vs fingers
legato and staccatobass exercises
playing a steady pulsebass exercises
subdividing the beatbass exercises
how to count rhythms
the eighth note subdivisionbass exercises
the eighth note triplet subdivisionbass exercises
tied notes
shuffle and swing rhythmsbass exercises
about the blues
the importance of the blues
the 12 bar blues formbass exercises
applying roots to the bluesbass exercises
applying roots and 5ths to the bluesbass exercises
repeats and endings
applying root 5 flat 7 8 to the bluesbass exercises
blues with major triadsbass exercises
dominant 7ths on the bluesbass exercises
major 6ths on the bluesbass exercises
blues form variation 1
the boogie woogie blues patternbass exercises
blues form variation 2
boogie woogie on variation 2bass exercises
the difference between major and minor
bass guitar resources
one octave natural minor scalebass exercisesbass songs
one octave minor triadbass exercises
one octave minor 7thbass exercises
protect your hearing
reading chord symbols
one octave minor pentatonic scalebass exercisesbass songs
one octave minor blues scalebass exercisesbass songs
relative major and minor scalesbass quiz
one octave diminished triadbass exercisesbass songs
one octave minor 7 flat 5bass exercisesbass songs
slash chordsbass songs
one octave diminished 7thbass exercisesbass songs
memorizing fretboard note names
reading music to memorize notes
studybass note name memorization methodbass exercises
memorizing notes without your bass
about this lesson review
beginning elements review
beginning bass technique review
beginning rhythms reviewbass exercises
beginning reading review
beginning note patterns reviewbass exercises
beginning harmony review
beginning blues review
beginning basslinesbass songs
note names and review wrap up
open string mutingbass exercises
the flying fingers problembass exercises
beginning melodic sequencesbass exercises